Jag har på denna sida tänkt att skriva om 'yxan' till höger & den musik han har skapat, med sina magiska fingrar. På sikt ska jag göra länkar till respektive skiva med uppgifter om låtar etc. & mina personliga omdömen. Enkelt uttryckt - han gör solon som INGEN ANNAN. Punkt !

Mannen - Myten - Legenden - Yxan !

Andra namnet är Willy & föddes i Tyskland den 10 januari 1955.

About The Axe

Well - this is my section about the 'axe' on the right side & the magical music he has created, with he's magical fingers. But on the long-term I will do links to each record with my personal point-of-view's. He does guitarsolo like NO-ONE ELSE! [So far not translated into English]

The Man - The Myth - The Axeman !

The second name is Willy & was born in Germany, January 10 1955.

 Note: all external links are open-up in a new window


New UFO album out Sept. 25th 2006

..:: The Monkey Puzzle ::..

"The mature album"

Here we go - another nice effort by Mr Mogg & Co. This time perhaps not a killer album, but a very very nice one. After my two firsth run through I thought it was a bit lame, didn't really have that punch. OK, first track kicks off in a traditional UFO way: HARD BEING ME with monkeys and all - firm and stabel foot stompin' rock with a nice touch of UFO-blues feeling, Mr Raymond in a very good mode! Vinnie is great - not doin' too much, just good n' old traditional UFO solo. HEAVENLY BODY something completely different. Thick and heavy grovy guitar á la Sabbath :o) The intro comes from Pack It Up - Mr Parker is back, doin solid skin work. His contribution on this album really shines through. HEAVENLY.. is the most "heavy metal" piece on this record, hard solo. Third one out is SOME OTHER GUY, heads off with light bleusy Raymond piano, picks up with some harmonds... The rest rolls on like a nice cab ride through the fields in Montana... Again Vinnie does a perfect solo - much but not too much. Ends in the sun set with guitar and Mogg in harmony, hehe.. WHO'S FOOLING WHO another softish song. Light rocker with an airy mode. Nice refrain that gets on your head after a while, who's foooolig whoooo... Sweet guitars, of course. Finally the blue song: BLACK AND BLUE - my favourite so far. Has that Making Contact feeling with "somewhere in the background twin guitars" and the refrain reminds a bit of Fighting Man - and in comes Mr Moore, splendid! The refrain really take the song off the ground, otherwise fluffy airy parts, this is another in-your-head-song. DRINK TOO MUCH a butter sweet softish night cap song. Acoustic guitars, loads of sweet sweet background solos, organ and piano, airy. WORLD CRUISE again we're back in the bleusy western, could be a Tonka intro. Light stompin' rocker that cruises a long nicely. Has a 'speey MadAxeman' guitar that's keeping the pulse, solid solo by Vinnie. DOWN BY THE RIVER solid and pure 'labour' rock - a slow one, nice ladies doin background vocals though. GOOD BYE YOU - yes it's sweet and nice with another in-your-head-refrain. Nice light guitar work by Moore that strolls on by... Suger sweet solo, all in all a fluffy song. Song no. 10 do they call ROLLING MAN heads off with stable drums and Mr Mogg saying "MR PAAAAAKE. The song itself ain't that much of a roller - more of a stroller - firm and steady mature UFO rock, organs in the background - Paul must be happy ;-) Nice solo by Vinnie. Come on come on.... Finally the UFO ship docks in KINGSTON TOWN - a suggestive airy travelling song mixed with acoustic guitar. And yes, this one is also sweet and softish... Soo after my ~10 listening I changed my mind.

All in all it's a very nice album that sound "CLASSIC UFO". Evan though there ain't no really killer song - all songs are more or less "equally medium nice", just to sound a little bit Swedish. There are few songs that sticks out a little bit 'Moore' than the rest. However, four out of five members from the so called classic "Lights Out" era plays on this album - so it's gotta be a classic, in the long run.... The mix of all these gents together brings out the best of UFO. Good production, good sound, sharp guitars, total running of 46:15 min. Last but not least: Phil sounds GREAT - as always!

Hey hey...

2006-08-25/22:11 PM/CET



New MSG album out April 28th 2006

::Tales of Rock n' Roll::
TwentyFive Years Celebration

"Keep on rocking"

This is good, this is mature hard rock - this is ROCK n' ROLL - with force driven guitars and nice melodies with strong refrains. All in all hot and heavy energy mixed with airy modes and on top of that we've got the Axeman with nice solos and rifs here and there... Sometimes joyfull playing like in "Feels like a good thing" and sometimes furious, but always with that Schenkery-touch. Good axe work, period. Jari sounds really good, sometimes like R. J. Dio, he's got depth so to speak! But I have to say that Bonnet is my MAN - haven't heard him for a long long time.. He's really got that old dino-voice, thick and heavy.

The crossing between each track is from time to time hard to discover, if not reading from the record sleeve. This makes the album very interesting - cause then you can focus on parts instead of single songs - and it never gets boring. It's like having one song with 2-3 different styles, but each with their own separate character but at the same time tight together. It's like: "same same but different". Each track is divided into parts, you will see up to 92 tracks when you put the disc into a CD player (or a PC). Track 80-92 is an interview with Michael...

Overall I would say this is the stronges album from the MSG camp in a long time. The album doesn't have any weakness - strong, stable and solid smokin' RAAWWWKK! The songs were originally written for UFO...



01  The Ride 
02  Setting Sun 
03  Angel of Avalon - Leif Sundin 
04  Dreams Inside - Chris Logan 
05  Dust to Dust 
06  Voice of My Heart 
07  Journey Man 
08  Big Deal - Kelly Keeling (Trade-off solos*) 
09  St. Ann 
10  Shadow Lady 
11  Love Trade 
12  Human Child 
13  Bitter Sweet 
14  Blind Alley 
15  Freedom 
16  Life Vacation - Gary Barden (Trade-off solos*) 
17  Rock N' Roll - Graham Bonnet 
18  Tell a Story - Robin McAuley 
19  Life Goes On (Instrumental)
* = Trade-off solos with Michael Schenker and Wayne Findlay.

BASS - Pete Way
Wayne Findlay
Jeff Martin

Photo by: Marc Theis

More nice ang good news at DeanGuitars

And as they say:
"Without a doubt, 2006 looks set to be an MSG year!"

As always - latest news to be found at R.B. Araki

Magnus 2006-03-22



Two great interviews with Michael - conducted during his tour in Sweden in Nov. 2004:

#1 Interview and questions by Marko Syrjälä in Stockholm at Metal-Rules.com

#2 Interview and questions by Kent Andersson in Malmö at "SITN-Araki"

 Magnus 2004-12-08




(Hrmmm.. is it ME?! - "that" guy in the brown t-shirt, looks like.. I don't know hehe..)

Here are some short comments n' reflection of the M.S.G. gig at Klubben - Nov. 14 (2004). 

The show last night in Stockholm was stable 'n solid. The crowd, about +200, was happy to see him. MSG were tight as the little venue.. it was full but not packed. And of course the most 'packed' guy, with his two 2-meters friends, landed just in front of me - down below the Axeman himself where I also stood... Anyway - MSG rocked hard, pretty good sound, but a little bit to loud I must say. I had a pair of ear-muffs all night which of course takes away a bit of all 'precise' notes - but better that than 'tinnitus' for the rest of my life... No one could blame Rev for not givin' his best - I pure rocker so to speak! Logan did fine - voice clear, also a great stage present. Well the whole band rocked, great solo by Wayne on Arachnophobiac! Michael kept eye-contact with the audience and bowed after each song. He even smiled from time to time.. ;-) Even if he had some 'problems' with his Dean-V... 

  • Assault Attack offensive, hard and driven... the show sort of 'kicked off' (got more energy) 
  • To Hot Too Handle good up n' happy up-tempo-rocker :-)  'clock-clean' solo! 
  • Into the Arena pure perfection, great middle bas- and drum solo
  • Attack of the Mad Axeman perfect - extended solo... 
  • Armed and Ready also good tempo, nailed the solo! 
  • Rock Bottom "been there, done that" - but maaaan this rocked, perfect solo! 

Otherwise the same set-list as the previous shows, played all the encores that you would expect, rocked between time 2120 - 2300. 

Afterwards he did the usually signing session. He was very open-hearted and friendly to everyone. I manage to say something about SITN, Tristan, Dave and Batttty - he replied; "what Battttty" hehe... but he did recognize Tristan and Dave! I got some CD-sleeves signed + my new MSG-shirt (and my old one), we shook hands and of course took that "me-and-Schenker-pointing-at-me-picture". Just one more thing; he smiled and got very happy when he saw my "The Odd Trio" CD! He asked me if I knew who the 'players' were on that CD... and he had to show his 'manager' the pictures inside the CD-sleeve. 

In overall - a good basic rock concert, you got what you would have expect to get!
And someone, for sure..., got to hot too handle after the show!!??

Cheers - Magnus in a hurry... ;-)





Sorry - but this time I haven't hade the time to write a proper revieeeeeeew 'meself' - 
due to a move to our new flat, here in
Svedmyra (Stockholm)!

BUT it's fair to say that this is a true UFO album, even if Michael isn't the commander
of the AXE (at this time..?)!

Vinnie Moore does a great job.
A perfect blend of his own style and the "UFO-style" - if you get my point?!

Just to make a very short 'revieeeeeeew' this album gets
7 out of 10 points and
Mr. Freeze rules!
(I also happends to like some
Black Cold Coffee - at the PUB, with Mr. Jello Man!)

So I'm just Slipping Away with some links to some other reviews....

Classic Rock Revisited

RevelationsZ Magazine

and a VERY interesting interview with the one and only Mr. P

The Cutting Edge talks with Phil Mogg,
and here is their review.

CHEERS - Magnus, 2004-02-27



The new UFO album to be release in February 2004

Phil Mogg - Vocal | Pete Way - Bass | Paul Raymond - Keyboards/Guitar

Vinnie Moore - LeadGuitar | Jason Bonham - Drums

And finally.. they - UFO - got their own official website at:


And the re-vamped "Misty Green and Blue" at:
(very nice to see Tristan!)


Magnus - update: 2004-01-06




Check out Michaels new website and listend to the new Thank You 4 album,
can only be ordered thru michaeSchenkerHimfelf.com, and read about the past..

Magnus - update: 2003-10-27




:: A R A C H N O P H O B I A C ::



Well - finally MSG are back with a raawwwkker album!

The best since... a long time.

As www.ontherocks.de wrote; "Heavy Metal tour de force" - I'll sign up for that. This album is very guitar based, strange if not - it's MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact there is no keyboard on this album - just some great hard driven, firm and stable ROCK and Michael in fine shape, delivering the goods with some splendid AXEWORK. Chris Logan is takin' care of the vox greatly, adapting his voice perfect to each song. The "rythm section" consist of Stu Hamm/bass and Jeremy Colson/drums and they are just f#¤# phenomenal - solid and firm - with no compromises!

So what do we got here... 11 heavy raaaawwwkers, well at least 10. The first one out is called 1.) Evermore, a hard driven, plain and simple, rocker with some touch of blues... in a mid-tempo phase. The guitar solo is as perfect as it can be - just bursting out in a screaming 'n' howling way, nice and solid back-up guitar, drums clean and perfect! Nice Schenkery ending solo, one of my favs - gets 5 point! Next killer out is 2.) Illusion - kicks off very softly for 40 sec, then... this old and heavy riff á la Sabbath - yeh! Speeds up very airy and quick, mid-tempo rocker with a nice and fluent chorus. The solo is clean and fresh - shoots on straight forward, just as it suppose to be in my point of view - not that tangled as on BAOS. Nice ending solo with lots of tones - like the good old days, this one get 4 points. 3.) Arachnophobiac - well it took me a week to get the pronunciation correct until I heard this "Spiderman-song"... has this somehow spidery-melody! This is good. Hard driven axe work in a firm mid-tempo way mixed with a catchy chorus - howling and screaming solo mixed with plenty of nice fret work! "I Want my money back! - Arachnophobiac" Hahaha... the MTV-award for best lyric goes to Mr Chris Logan :o) Very nice ending solo, perhaps a bit too short - but hey - it's brilliant, gets 5 point! 4.) Rock & Roll Believer - straight forward and no compromises... in a light blues-tempo. The intro could have been something from his earlier solo projects. Very nice and beautiful pre-solo that turns into a heavy blues 'n' rock solo, ends with that nice pre-solo stuff. Then it just rolls on in a basic blues and rock airy mode with no ending solo, that's why it only gets a weak four. 5.) Into The Sands of Time - one of my favs (but it took awhile!!) Again - has this "old" intro style. Then Michael puts on his "lead-guitar" and deliver some raaaawww 'n' heavy riff that would have open up Fort Knox! The chorus is quite different from the rest of this hard 'n' heavy low-tempo rocker, very soft and airy. The solo is raw and furious with some hard fret work, great back-up guitar work as well. This is a very very strong 4, would have got that 5:er if an ending solo! 6.) Weathervane - not one of my favourite. The song is kind of crawling in a low-tempo phase. Chorus? Yes there is one... Solo - yes that to. The best part is the short - but - very joyful ending solo. Two points. 7.) Over Now - a ballad, lighters on! Actually really nice, but at the same time very predictible. The song is very light and soft but the chorus rises up in a airy way (nice pre-chorus) as the solo that floats out in a soft howling tempo. Typical Schenkery ending solo - great fret work, turn up the volume during the very last 10 seconds - I would have loved to hear that a bit more...., OK it's a 3,5 points.  8.) One World - alright, back on track! A hard axe working riff opens up this song straight in your face - then Jeremy takes over the scene - backing up Michaels heavy guitar riff! Straight forward in-your-face chorus; ONE WORLD! Great solo arrangement - just listened to that hard and solid axe working back-up guitar - when Michael is all over the whole scale with some pure fresh fret work. YES - Jeremy is HITTING the drums! Great, but short, ending solo. First I gave this one 3,5 points - now it's 4. 9.) Break The Cycle - GREAT! Kicks off in your face directly with a single guitar intro. High-tempo rocker, firm and steady guitar. Fine - Fluent - Furious hard driven solo! The ending solo last for one minute... wonderfully - greatly... 5 POINTS! 10.) Alive - "Overkill" haha! High-tempo? Noooo it's "Heavy Metal tour de force". Aggressive hard rock :o) This one is just damned GOOD, hard driven wild solo, ends with a "funky style" á la RUSH/XYZ! Ending solo..? YES! Enjoy the ride :o) 5 POINTS! 11.) Fatal Striker - low-tempo phase, the chorus could have been taken from the 80's. If I were a "courageous F-117 Stealth Fighter pilot" I would have gone for ALIVE! Best part; the ending solo.... "deux poin". 

Good night - Magnus 2003-06-16, time 23:50.

The new MSG album - released in June 2003!

"Is an uncompromising, true to form, Heavy Metal tour de force featuring Schenker’s imitable
guitar signature that has made him a household name with guitarists throughout the world."

"Arachnophobiac raises the bar to a new level and hits right between the eyes with a blend of classic
and aggressive hard rock songs and is full of the kind of performances MSG fans have come to expect."


Line up is:
Chris Logan/vocal - Stu Hamm/bass - Jeremy Colson/drumms

*Special Guests:
Jeff Watson [Night Ranger] plays lead guitar-/solo on track #3, #5, #7 and #9.
And he does it damned GOOD!
Jeff Okolowicz plays bass on track #9.

Update 2003-05-04
*Additional correction 2003-07-14




The latest developments in the Way champ,
there is only one Way to check it out!


Waysted... The Plot... and more...

Hosted by Joe Kleon!



Join the rest of the UFO::MSG "army"!!

::The Yahoo forum::
::The Stranger In The Night Site::

 Go to SITN nowwwwwww




 Interview with Phil Mogg
conducted by Jason Ritchie - November 2002




::UFO a NEW album in September 2002 - "Sharks"::

The ironical way :o)

The Atom-Smashing Hardrockers from Pluto has returned... and they are here to do a number on you Baby!

UFO has risen again from the depths to scorch the earth with
their custom blend of hard rock foot stompin' raaawwk and rollllll...
heavily bearded than ever before!

Hrmmm - well.. Don't know if I do the SHARKS a fair review, cos I've only listened [in earphones] on the album ONCE! So lets call this a "reflectview"...?

But it's fair to say that it is a stable and solid raaawwk album - with Mogg on top, doin' the numbers!! Dunbar and Way provides a solid rhythm section and as for Schenker... Well - You could say a solid and firm guitar work, with some cool riffs. But - in my opinion - he gets tangled, to tricky when he's suppose to come to the blistering solos.... There are plenty of 'chances' to break out in some new "proposed-memorable-moments". 7 Sea Of Faith is a good example of that, which is a very good song with great, strong typical Mogg verse/chorus style with Mr Axe on his back providing a nice 'Schenkery-guitar' sound... But but - You'll find small parts
here and there...

Some quick reflections: 1 Outlaw Man another UFO classic - I'm a rocker I'm rocker.... I'm a one big bone! Solid and hard axe work - Mogg all over the place :o) The guitar work after the solo is better than theeeee solo! 2 Quicksilver Rider stable verse/refrain that raises up the hole track, nice solo.... 3 Serenity - every UFO album neeeeds a big bombastic epic powerful and melancholy song like no one else can do better than UFO!! This is Schenker/Mogg in their best moments together... however the solo could have reached a higher level - BUT that AXE behind Mogg's voice during the refrain is... So smile now while you're looking for serenity... makes me wanna cry... hahah!! 4 Deadman Walking has the basic guitar riff from 'You Really Got Me' - a very nice and airy song... 5 Shadow Dancer starts up like 'Darker Days'... carry on in a solid and stable rock beat, good riff and a ferocious solo, when the ending solo reach the 'highest' [read: best] point it's starting to fa..... ou... so very typical nowadays for UFO? 6 Someone's Gonna Have To Pay - well it is written by Mogg/Way..'cool and cool' with a nicey & bluesy laid back style, a small attempt to a new 'Rock Bottom' perhaps...? This one will for sure be played on a live show!! 8 Fighting Man nobody else could say/sing; ..just a fighting man.. like Phil Mogg... Solid axe work, good solo. 9 Perfect View the start reminds of some other Schenker stuff...? The solo is the closest attempt of getting near 'Reasons Love'... 10 Crossing Over has a big and 'beautiful' chorus, Schenkery solo a la Instrumental stuff he's done earlier - the ending solo could have been the absolute perfect match/ending for this rockin' record!!...

Well so far.. it's to early to pick-out the 'favs' but SERENITY will for sure be one, Deadman Walking, Sea Of Faith are also in the range to get there... BUT it does sound U. F. O. !!! 
With all their 'Schenker/Mogg/Way-trademarks'...

"Moonshots, rockets nineteen sixties cool
Sonny Boy Williamson, Pope John Paul
The Congo to Vietnam
The Beatles to The Stones
Is nobody left who's gonna shake those bones....

There's only one MAN who can sing such phrase so relaxed, cool and heavy - without shit in his pants....

"Partied with Nero and Rome burned and fell"
I'm out - Lights Out from Stockholm..... 
Magnus 2002-09-03

:::R E V I E W S:::

:::I N T E R V I E W:::
 with PHIL MOGG August 2002

Pete Way | Phil Mogg | Michael Schenker | Aynsley Dunbar

"There's plenty of good stuff on there to get our teeth into, so it should be pretty exciting"
"a very ballsy rock album with no ballads"
Phil Mogg

"Touring for me is easy. I check into a hotel, have a few drinks and do
whatever. Go to the venue, play for about 90 minutes and then go back to
the hotel. Where's the problem? Others in this band don't find it so easy!"
Pete Way




:::Thank You Part II:::



::: MSG World Tour 2001 :::
S H O W  R E V I E W S
[Dave Wood]

PS. Go and get Pete Way's - "Amphetamine"
Pure and simple "Garage-Hard-Rock"

Gary Barden interview: "past & present"
November 2001




:::Be Aware Of Scorpions:::
 Is the title of the new MSG album, October 2001.

"...the meaning of the title came from the episode where Michael and members of
Scorpions found a scorpions at his back yard when they were being taken pictures together."

Hello everybody!!!

First I would like to point out one or two things....
I'm a die hard fan of UFO/MSG, got every record, as You all...
I'm always trying to be as objective as possible and by the years I have become more and more fastidious when it comes  to MSG. I might be a little bit conservative in my "love" to MSG, I mean those good old glory days......... Cry For The Nations, On And On... Rock You To The Ground, Red Sky....

Nuff said - The new CD, Be Aware Of Scorpions, ROCKS!!!! There are no ballads on this CD, however You will find 'small' ballads/parts within the songs... The sound is pretty heavy and so is the bassplaying, specially in track no. 7 'Age Of Ice', a pretty cool song. If we were lacking ending solos from The Unforgiven/Covenant - we will find some of them on this CD. Perhaps that's why MSG opens up with a furious ending solo on the first track 'No Turning Back' - great! You'll also find all those 'Schenker-trademarks' on BAOS, like his burred guitarsound, small 'in-between-solos'. However I feel like the solos are separated/isolated from the rest of the songs. The solos are often very good, but they are not, for example, like in the song 'Looking For Love' [and many more, good old timer...]. Every track is not finished by an ending solo and I think those tracks would have been better IF so, cos those songs didn't really 'have IT'.... So far I've only discovered two really hot/good tracks:
Fallen The Love
Because I Can
Great refrain/chorus and hard driven playing. Otherwise, at the time, most of the remaining CD is pure Hard Rock with small parts of sweets/candy.... but it does sound like MSG!

In my opinion I think Michael nowadays comes best in his "right place" with UFO or when he's doing an Instrumental album. To me this CD - SO FAR - is a rocker-album and will hopefully, probably, grow on me........................ like the way I rediscovered The Unforgiven! The Covenant album didn't need that at all.

Magnus 2001-10-20 time 19:30 am

[Soundbytes - linked to SPV.DE site]

01. No Turning Back
02. My Time's Up
03. Fallen The Love
04. Because I Can
05. How Will I Get You Back
06. Blinded By Technology
07. Age Of Ice
08. Standin' On The Road
09. Sea Of Memory
10. On Your Way
11. Reflection Of Your Heart
12. Roll It Over
13. Eyes Of A Child
14. Ride The Lightning 
     [bonus track]



Well - here is one of the many different looks
Michael 'The Chameleon' Schenker

photo by Jürgen Van Hoof
[effect by me.]



Here we go again - The Odd Trio - A very Odd Trio indeed!

On guitar we have Michael Schenker, on the bassguitar Harry Cobham and finally on drumms Kathy Brown - hahahaha :o)

This is the third electric instrumental CD from Schenker year 2000!

But this time HE'S doin' all the instrument, guitar - bass - drumms. And I love it.... It's 10 rocker-track's, well the first - Far Beyond The Ocean is a cool opener. It sound's like the ocean.... very calm and melancholy with he's acoustic guitar - NICE. The next one out is Searching and it starts up with a cool riff mixed with acoustic guitar and then moves on, mixed with the typical 'Schenker-feeling-guitar'. The ending is just [fuckin] superb - GREAT ending-solo that will make Your hair raise on Your arms..... and the skin will get granular, my favorite!! Rockin' And Lovin' - heavy rock blues goes stright into a nice acoustic guitar - soft and beautiful - then back to the hard driven riff's with solo-guitar in the back, great middle solo, end's up with the typical 'Schenker-howling-solo', clean and nice. The fourth track out is Welcome, an up-tempo rocker with guitar solo's comin' in and out all the time and with a middle solo wich is 'furious'. The Good Old Days - well the 'same' as Welcome but 'different'. This one is a little bit faster and the middle solo is pure and clean - it's a kinde of clean 'background' with he's solo-guitar infront just smashin on... ends with a rocker-solo. Half way through we stop at Watching. A basic rock track but in the middle it opens up very soft and 'Michael-Schenker-nicely' and then he dives into the furious solo but end's up nice again, so nice nice nice.... Track No. 7 - In Good Faith - is one of my absolut favorite on this, great, album. Opens up hard for just in the next second change into a very nice Spanish guitar - it is beautiful. The opening riff is coming back all the time mixed with the Spanish guitar sections. But the middle solo is with the elctric guitar - short and explosive. Achievement - well opens up with the now typical: 'riff's-up' or give me your money..... and then ends into a soft and nice on-going theme, the 'background' is filled with acoustic guitar, organ and with Michael's solo guitar infront - with 'long' nice tunes. The whole track is 'breathing' melancholy.... What now, no heavy riff opening ? Hangin' Out begins with a car ! Well after a short while a suggestive guitar come's in the picture mixed with acoustic guitar and on top of that - the 'Schenkerly-burred' guitar sound as a perfect match. The song just moves on nicely with that 'Schenker-solo-feeling' stuff. The last track is called It's OK and has a Jimi Hendrix feeling in the beginning. It's a soft rocker and moves on slowly, a little bit suggestive and combined with a piano, but the solo is HOT. Then back to normal but with a howling guitar way back in the background, high long tunes - it's like to see the back of a man walking away slowly at the end of a film/movie.... Goodbye.

Over all this is a true MS instrumental album. Lot's of nice guitar stuff - all those 'things' we've been waiting for. I can't say that this one is he's best. AOTI and Dreams And Expressions are also very very very good albums. They are all great in their own categories, so to speak... Well right now I've been listening for the last week on TOT and have discovered/learn to appreciate new stuff all the time. When I first listend to TOT I thought: well, this is OK. But I knew I was wrong..... the second time it was [fuckin'] fabulous. As always with a great record, it takes time.....

I would also like to take the opportunity to give a very special 'Thank You' to Mr. DAVE WOOD in the UK for helping me getting the CD - The Odd Trio. What would the Internet - UFO:MSG - be without You !?!?!?!?
Magnus 2000-12-04 time 14:58 am



Well - The new album - Dreams and Expressions ROCKS!

There are 20 tracks, one track for each letter in 'DAE'. The shortest track is 0,24 min and the longest is 3,56 min. As Michael wrote: ".... It contains enough riffs for 3 CD's, but I choose to write this way because it is fun and different." In my opinion a very good choice. It's hard to describe the album, there are plenty of different styles and moods. But mostly it ROCKs !! #1 Is a great 'opener' and follows up nicely with #2, both are 'rockers'. #3 - #7 just passes by in my opinion. #8 = now we're start talkin', starts-up very easy - nothing special - and at the end he's on fire - furious.... and goes into a "very-very-soft-soft" and the very nice and calm #9. From here, #10 to #20 it rocks "All The Way To Memphis !! #10 it's not so very special in the beginning but after a while I think You will start to like it because it's cool rhythm. #16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard Michael this way - JESUS !!! This is FAST and it's under control. One thing that I like with this album is that Barry Sparks is doin' the bass, compare to 'AOTI' You can hear the bass this time ! and I also like the way Shane Gaalaas is drumming - they are having FUN ! My favorites on this CD are: 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18 & 19. But I can assure You will NOT be disappointed whit this one if You like Michael Schenker !

After hearing AOTI and DAE so much - I must say that I'm now start 'longing' for a instrumental track or CD like INTO THE ARENA !...... who knows ?
Magnus 2000-08-30 time 21:25 am.




Finaly - at last - the new  UFO album - "Covenant" IS HERE !
It can be ordered from skivhugget.se & ginz.se [Swe.]

Release dat. 25/7 Y2K

HOLY FUCKIN' SMOKE - Sorry, can't find another way to say IT!

The Unidentified Flying Object are back:
Harder, Cooler More Raw than EVER.... I just 'luuuuuv' this CD !
[As the 'Sad Old Bat' would say....]

Yesterday [2000-07-17] I had the opportunity to borrow the new UFO-CD:Covenant, I'm still waiting for my copy [got mine now]. So 'afterwork' I went home and 6 h'rs later .... :o) wet of sweat ! The first three tracks: Love Is Forever, Unravelled & Miss The Lights rock's off like real UFO-classicals. Great heavy riff's straight from the hips of the Axemaster him self mixed perfectly with Mogg's vocal and speaking of Phil - he has never sounded more heavy than before. He's doin' a tremendous work on this album !!! If this wasn't enough - the pace are now getting faster & faster with the next two rollerCoaster:Midnight Train & Fool's Gold. There are only 'one' word for these two songs - 'PeteWay'. Fast and Heavy and Phil's voice again are just f.... great. Fool's Gold starts up very soft and a with a nice touch of blues and You're thinking: perhaps a new Love To Love ..... and then Schenker goes 'crazy' ! Next track out is In The Middle of Madness, a very 'catchy' song with a great chorus. Smell of Money & Rise Again are two heavy and 'bluesy' songs with cool riffs that both could have been from the album Force It! Track No. 9 - Serenade - is a surprise. Very 'Spanish/South American' style, one of the absolute [vodka] coolest songs on this album. So far one of my favourite among the 'ass-cool-kicking-rocker' Unraveled. When you are getting to the ending solo you are about to 'cry' of happiness.... The two last tracks: Cowboy Joe, The World And His Dog rock's off great with two sharp-cool guitarsolo's. The World And His Dog will be the perfect ending-encore - YEAHHH ! Over all this is the most strongest & completed, in my opinion, record UFO has ever made. Covenant can't really be compared with 'WOW' - the records are 'playing' in two different 'leagues'. The sound is very raw and heavy, I don't really know how to explain it but it sounds 'BIG' & fresh and Mogg's voice are better than ever - deep and RAW. There is really not a song which is poor or weak, 11 strong tracks, I promise You. And of course the guitarplaying from Schenker is superb. Soooo I don't think that any of You 'Die-Hard-UFO-Fans' out there will be disappointed. However there is one 'problem', many of the songs are fading out to quick. When tho solo is 'getting to the point' it starts to fade out...

I would like very much to hear YOUR opinion - so please feel free to e-mail me !
Magnus 2000-07-18 time 23.59 am.


The songs are:

1 - Love Is Forever
2 - Unravelled
- Miss The Lights
- Midnight Train
- Fool's Gold
- In The Middle of Madness
- Smell of Money
8 - Rise Again
- Serenade
10 - Cowboy Joe
- The World And His Dog

 And here is one review:


Interview with Phil Mogg by House Of Shred



The new instrumental album from Michael Schenker

Adventures of The Imagination !




Roger that - Roger !!

This time with a instrumental CD that has all the 'Schenker-Flying-V-Trademarks' - every single tone vibrates SCHENKER ! It starts up with Achtung Fertig, Los - Ready Steady Go, it's an up-tempo-rocker with a nice pace & a little touch of blues, nice guitarplay/fretwork through the whole track. It's a 'happy' song & could work as an kick-off on he's next tour !? Next track is called Open Gate and has the same 'feeling', up-tempo-rocker & a 'happy' song with lots of small 'insert-solos'. It could have been a bit longer in the end when the solo is getting 'warm' ... Three Fish Dancing is one of the 'master-pieces' on this album. 14 minutes long with lots of various mods, slow, fast, heavy & soft + acoustic guitarplay as well. I like the 'middle' section best, that's about 5 min. in the track, starts up nice & soft, accelerates to a high-tempo-rocker with great & of course perfect fretwork ! Ends up softly combined with good solid axework. The fourth track is called Michael Schenker Junior and is a nice & calm track. It moves on like a waltz with beautiful and typical Schenker-solo's. Well - the next 'master-piece' out is Aardvark In A VW Smoking A Cigar, my favourite ! And again lots of various mods. I like the part about 1,30 min in the track, it has a Irish sound a-la-Gary Moore - great fretwork with high tones that changes to 'screaming' tones !!! And all of a sudden we have that nice 'waltz' again ....  switching over to 'heavy-blues' and then into a classic heavy metal solo .... back into acoustic guitar a-la Thank You. Great ending with various typs of solo [the last 4 min.], it's like he couldn't decide which one was best - WELL they all are 'F.G.' ! Track no. 6 is probably written/dedicated to his wife - I Want To Be With You. Soft and nice, plain & simple and straight forward guitarplay with a typical Schenker ending solo. Old Man With Sheep On Mars does not sound he's old ! Starts up fresh like a rocker and then again different typs of solo and mods: a little bit of heavy metal, rock and soft music. Ends-up with a great 'heart-screaming' solo, but I think that Michael's guitar is to 'low' compare to the rest of the 'arrangement' .... Next track out is At The End Of The Day it's like the Thank You album but with a FLYING V - electric ! I'm sure that this one will grow on everyone. The 'back-guitar' is acoustic and in 'front' Michael works with he's electricguitar doin' nice solos that's comin' in&out... The last track is the last track. Hand In Hand. Mostly keybord and very sweet, I have no comments. WELL on a scale between 4 to 7 I give this CD +7 points ! I'm a dieHard fan of Michael Schenker and this is what I've been waiting for a LOOOOOONG time, since Assault Attack !!!! I'm sure that the next comin' Instrumental album - 'Michael Schenker 2000' - will be as good as this one ! Just a small reflection, I Wanda - no I mean - I wonder how this record would have sounded if he had Simon Phillips on drums & Barry Sparks doin' the bass, well we never know ....  I'm Out - Lights out ! Magnus 2000-03-26. ps. You have to Force It before you can Pack It Up and Go !



UFO: Werewolves of London
Inspelad live fr turnén 1997/1998 DIREKT från mixerbordet. Schenker & hela UFO-skeppet i lyyysande form!

UFO: Werewolves of London
Recorded live from the tour 1997/1998 straight from the mixing desk. Schenker & the whole UFO-ship in perfect shape !Recorded live from the tour 1997/1998 straight from the mixing desk. Schenker and the whole UFO-ship in perfect shape!

Följande text är fr. skivfodralet:
Vad helst du har förväntat dig att höra som inte dyker upp - konstiga ord eller toner som inte är alltför klara/rena - detta är exakt hur det lät i Wolverhampton den 10 februari -97. Direkt fr. mixerbordet, 'vårtor & allt & orört av en studio' ! Den smått omdebatterade men mycket hyllade 'Strangers In The Night' visade sig bli en inspirationskälla för framtida hard rockers, & är än idag en klassiker. Det är något vi alla kan vara stolta över & denna inspelning bevisar det - JA, vi var verkligen så bra - & 20 år senare blir vi bara bättre - listen up !!
Paul Raymond, London, Juli 1998.

I mitt tycke en mycket 'phet' live, kan i korta ordalag beskrivas med; rå - glöd - energi - vitalitet - 'lajv' i den rätta bemärkelsen. Ljudet är mycket bra, men visst en & annan miss hörs ju ! Själv finner jag det 'charmigt'...... Låtlista: 1. Natural Thing 2.Mother Mary 3.A Self Made Man 4.Electric Phase 5. This Kids 6.Out In The Streets 7.One More For The Rodeo 8.Venus 9.Pushed To The Limit 10.Love To Love 11.Too Hot To Handle 12.Only You Can Rock Me 13.Lights Out 14.Doctor Doctor 15.Rock Bottom !

The following text is from the CD-label:
Whatever you may expect to hear that doesn't appear - the odd word or note that isn't too clear - this is exactly how it happened in Wolverhampton on Feb. 10th 1998. Straight from the mixing desk, warts n' all and untouched by a studio ! The slightly controversial but highly acclaimed 'Strangers In The Night' proved to be an inspiration to a future generation of hard rockers, and became a classic. That's something we're all proud of, and this recording only serves to prove that yes, we really were that good - and twenty years later, we keep getting better - listen up !!
Paul Raymond, London, July 1998.

In my opinion A very good live, can in short terms describes as; raw - heat - energy - vitality - live in the right sens. The sound is very good, but sure one and another mistake can be heard ! And it doesn't matter. My highlights are A Self Made Man, Electric Phase, This Kids - turn up the volume during the blues section !! One More For The Rodeo and Venus.

MSG: The Unforgiven World Tour 99

Vad ska man säga..........
"The bad ass mother fucker is A fuckin' guitargenius" Här visar Schenker var skåpet ska stå ! Vicken jäla snubbe, alla toner sitter som en pommesFrites. Hör bara på solot i Armed And Ready - vilken annan gitarrist skulle sätta tonerna så kliniskt perfekt ? Well, hela bandet lirar hur tight som helst & Micke tycks vara i högform. Inspelningen är gjord under tre kväller på The Edge i Palo Alto, Californien maj -99. Mycket bra ljud men Schenker's gura hade kunnat vara ett litet litet strå vassare ibland. Jag är förvisso lite pedantisk.... Annars inga överraskningar förutom att han spelar samma gamla låtar som alltid ? Tre låtar fr. The Unforgiven spelas. Kelly Keeling dyker upp & sjunger på sju låtar med i mitt tycke lysande resultat !! Denna live är givetvis mycket bra MEN lite tråkig pga. låtvalet. Plattan 'Werewolves Of London' är ett strå vassare

MSG: The Unforgiven World Tour 99

What can you say.......
"The bad ass motha fucker is A fuckin' guitargenius" Michael shows here where the 'cupboard' is supposed to stand ! What a guy, all the tune/notes are as perfect as it can beeeee. Just listen to the solo in Armed And Ready - what other guy/guitarist can do it so perfect ?! Well, the whole band are playing great and very tight & 'Mickey' seems to be in good shape [high-shape]. The recording are done during three nights at The Edge in Palo Alto, CA. May -99. Very good sound but I think Michael's guitar could have been a bit 'sharper' [more raw]. Otherwise no surprises excepted he plays the same old songs as always ?! [Only] three tracks from The Unforgiven are performed ? Kelly Keeling 'dives up' and he does seven tracks/song, and in my opinion with very good results. This live is of course very good but little booooring because of the track-list. [See MSG Story Live, nearly the same ?] The CD 'Werewolves Of London' is one 'steep ahead' . . . .


Well ... if I had the chance to choose my own live record it would sound like this:

HELLO Stockholm - Will You PLZ Welcome from Savstedt Mr. MICHAEL SCHENKER!

Achtung Fertig, Los.....

Looking For Love - Why never recordet live ? It's soooo good aaaaand what a guitarsolo !
Assault Attack - Could, also, be a opening-track, .... it's heavy & raw and it's raw & heavy - que ?
Save Yourself - Well, we've got the speed why slow down ?!
BREAK - Michael says 'something', for the first time. Like Fuckin' A We gonna rock You ....
Too Young To Know - The 'first' official apperence of Schenker, Phenomenom.
Love Lost Love - What a great guitar-solo, a classic 'heavy-rock-metal' song, ballad !?
Victim Of Illusion - I wonder how this would sound if Madonna did it ? Great rhythm, great ending-solo ...
Cry For The Nations - I would like to hear the intro. THIS IS SCHENKER 100% HAS it aaaaall
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Strange name for a song. BUT, it's very good - SCHENKER !
Red Sky - well, one track from 'BTD' has got too be one this one. Typical Michael-ending-solo - beautiful ...
Broken Promises - very nice solo & on this live he ends it with a great ending-solo & Graham is heavy !
Darker Days - Yheee ! Could it bee better UFO, You tell me ? What A feeeeling, drift, has it all
Pack It Up - Just imagine this one with S.Phillips on drums ... & MS goin' nuts ... this version is 10 min ...
Electric Phase - Well, You've got the answer on 'WOL', heavy and blues
Reasons Love - It's coool & fast, hard - the speed of light['s out] ... 'OWTA' but faster !
BREAK - Drinkin' a glass of mineral water ... Mr Michael Schenker  !!!! ... cheers :o)
Hello Angel - Has it all but not the 'middle' solo - but the ending, this time loooonger ...
Illusion - Great intro, very nice 'riff' & refrain/chours - SCHENKER - very nice ending-solo !
On With The Action - It's soooo fuckin' cool, viscous, gluey and a heavy solo
Tales Of Mystery - Let's slow down with dignity, this is GREAT, the wolves are howling !
Try Me - ........... I have tears in my eyes - this one is extended ... and the Globe is like a big candle
Never Trust A Stranger - Ooooyeah, Paul Raymond is on this Live - beautiful !
Secondary Motion - The forgotten song !? This one is sOO VERY gOOd, greate solos, the 80's ...
Looking Out From Nowhere - What can I say ? One of the best MSG track ever made !
Brave New World - Let's get rockin' ! In my opinion one of the best from 'WITS' besides Essence
A Self Made Man - Heavy intro, heavy song - heavy & great ending
Venus - I just love he's acoustic works ... 'Thank You' ... great chours/ending-solo
You Don't Fool Me - I just say OBSESSION & 'Y' know what a mean - ?
Rock You To The Ground - HEAVY BLUES ! It's heavy - beautiful - got it ALL - yehaaaaa
BREAK - What A F..kin' GREAT evening - Thank You Magnus :o)
Tower - The return of MS ... and It keeps goin' on and on and on and on ...
Between The Walls - FORCE IT - 'Lights ON' - We're leaving ...

Why these songs ? Well - mostly that these songs has NEVER been recorded LIVE before. I just don't get it WHY Michael is recording two Live-Shows in a row with the same [nearly] tracking-list ?! [The Story & Unforgiven World Tour] - it beats me ... [above list was written in the sand, sorry, written before AOTI]

... and if I could choose - I would like to have the following band ...
  • Guitar - Michael Schenker [obvious!]
  • Vocals - Phill Mogg, Graham Bonnet & Gary Barden
  • BassGuitar - Pete Way & Chris Glenn
  • RhythmGuitar/Keybord - Paul Raymond
  • Drums - Mr. Simon Phillips

... and the name would be 'A Week-End In Stockholm' - with friends ...


If You are A rookie on MSG buy these two - You won't miss 'anything' - this IS SCHENKER at 100%.

 MSG 1  -80, at the dentist ?  MSG 2  -81
[He has never been better - yet]

It's hard to explain but when Michael comes out with a new record, you expect to hear a new 'MSG 3'. A runner-up to 'MSG 1:2', you're waiting for a new Let Sleeping Dogs Lie or a new Looking Out From Nowhere. Well - the 'other' records [from -87...] are good 'AOR' music BUT they DO NOT have the soul of Schenker ... BUT - he's latest work - The Unforgiven, is very good. Has it all BUT 'theeee' solo is missing. Great songs, riffs and guitarwork and so on ... It's only in the song Tower You get to know the 'real' Schenker feeling. Well, anyway this is the best album that MSG has put out since -84 and I'm sure there is more to come, this very year...


"The  Axeman"

photo by Bryan Hendrickson


Mister Rock and Roller ...
The blue suited soldiers
With the coke sniffin' hounds ...

Rock You To The Ground !!!

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