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[These are not sorted in anyway...and if you miss anyone - plz let me know....]

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The Michael Schenker Story Maintained by Tristan, England. One of the 'first' and most important source on the Internet if You were looking for UFO/MSG news, nowadays it runs 'slowly'......
Misty Green & Blue Maintained by M Pincher. Updated info regarding UFO. This is the place for 'UFO Appreciation Society'.
UFO and Michael Schenker Maintained by Dave Wood, England. The official unofficial site about UFO/MSG. It's regular updated with info concerning UFO/MSG. This is the most reliable source on the Internet, besides Araki's site.
Michael Schenker Maintained by Tim, USA. News/updates etc..
PeteWay.com This is the home of the famous bass player of UFO on the Internet. Lots of info/news written directly by Pete - GREAT :o)
UFO A to Z Maintained by a girl called Wendi, USA. If You're looking for some facts - this is theee source PLACE on the Internet. Loads of info on U.F.O.
Michael Schenker Records

"Out of order"....

Maintained by a webmaster, USA. Actually not much here - to be honest. You can more or less only order selected items from MSR. From this site I would have expected things like; discography, history, tour information, special news, etc.... and some kind of a dialogue with the fans.
I Love Michael Schenker by Ritchie Blackmore Araki Maintained by Ritchie Araki, Japan. It's regular updated with info concerning UFO/MSG. This is the most reliable source on the Internet and You'll probably read the news here FIRST.. A very good site!
The Unofficial Michael Schenker Italian Homepage Maintained by a Italian. Info in English/Italy The usually - discography, biography etc...
Mondria's Michael Schenker Website Maintained by Peter, Holland. In English. Info about UFO - MSG - Scorpions & Contraband. Biography (under construction), pics, tourinfo & he's 10 top UFO/MSG songs, some soundbytes.
The MSG Homepage Maintained by a guy called Jim, country unknown. Not very much here.....
Paul Chapman Web (Paulsweb) Maintained by Steve, USA. A very interesting site about Paul Chapman & the time after Schenker. Info about Lone Star, Waysted & Ghost. Interviews, photos, news & ASK PAUL ?
Deja.com - alt.rock-n-roll.ufo Please DO NOT log in here and ask if there are any green Mars people around here....


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